if love be a day

she’s holding the world
in quiet, wide open hands,
standing on her knees.
have you breathed the moon?
its borrowed light is fading,
dissolving in sky.

the clouds know better.
they hold nothing but whisper
and the float of hope.

we listen soft, for silence.



Prompted by dVerse Poetics. The title is a line by E.E. Cummings. 



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9 Responses to if love be a day

  1. superlative, in all it’s (ee) lower-case grandness

  2. love the moon’s light dissolving in sky…

  3. Have you breathed the moon… fantastic.

  4. Love the two gorgeous opening lines, De…and that title! I hope you enjoyed this form as much as I do.

  5. Kathy Reed says:

    Cool and refreshing….a bit of hope..capturing the moment…all this is good.

  6. Cello Jolie says:

    I love this prayerful concept: “standing on her knees”

  7. Grace says:

    Beautifully whisper of hope De ~

  8. lillian says:

    ….and the float of hope……ah this is wonderful.

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