Impractical Cats

They’re pacing behind her, racing
the clock or a mouse or whatever.

She’s listening to the click-clack
(tick-tock) of their claws, the pause

that comes with exclamation point
tail. The rain’s a long slow humsong;

the sky’s a mottled milkshake, stirred.
The world has changed today, in tone

and tang. The cats don’t seem to care.
They scatter, scamper, hop. She waits.




Miz Q gave us some starting point visuals, a song. Come play. 


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5 Responses to Impractical Cats

  1. We have one of those mottled milkshakes today…

  2. in tone and tang:) i like the zing (sing)

  3. The world has changed today, in tone and tang. … yes, very nice.

  4. Iris says:

    This is an Edgar Allan Poe character, for sure. It reminds me of The Tell-Tale Heart, but maybe it’s a rewrite. The girl version. And this time, she’ll keep her cool. 😉

    Crazy awesome poem, by the way. I’ve read it several times.

  5. julespaige says:

    Hmm…yes some of sky was the color of that favored drink of our youth (at least mine) Tang!
    Sometimes I long for a cat. And other times I’m glad not to have any pets.

    So much waiting.

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