paper parchment skies

she sits
under the bougainvillea
with her books. swallows wor(l)ds
whole, feeds her soul
with stories.

she cries
when characters die,
has a hardcore crush on Poe,
and Twain. stains
her fingers in blackberries
and ink.

she thinks
the sky might open and
take her, make her something
more, give her a dragon
heart, a leaping frog,
……………….a sword.


Prompted by Miz Q, day 15 {catching up, backward} 


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5 Responses to paper parchment skies

  1. You’ve said it for all of us readers out here…

  2. Iris says:

    Oh my gosh, I love this!!! It’s my favorite in like forever. 🙂

    … Especially that stanza with Poe in it.

  3. julespaige says:

    I like the leaping frog line…

    Japanese Lucky Frog
    “The Japanese word for frog is kaeru. Kaeru also means “return”.
    In Japan frogs are very auspicious.
    Anyone travelling may want to bring a frog amulet on their journey as this is believed to secure a safe return.
    Many may also want to keep a small frog amulet in their purse or wallet at all times.
    The idea is that the frog will see to it that money always finds its way back to the wallet.”

    We always, I think return to our true natures…that perhaps we have never really left?
    I finally posted on this prompt today!
    Bush Whacked?

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