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Befriending the Dragon

.. Nothing better than discovering her (s)word, her own strength and song. Realizing the fire was coming from her own center and just needed a spark to give it flight. Whispering her wings to life, her heart to breeze, her … Continue reading

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Five tiny stories in poem pockets

.. Nothing bitter. No coffee, no cold -heart stare, no chairs without comfort. No root. No soot. Nothing batter. No waffles. No pan -cakes, no average. No pitch black night with softball stars. Nothing bit her. Not the love bug … Continue reading

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Holding Up the Sky

.. We were only lying there, counting stars. I think. (After all, it was dark.) Ursa Major was the brightest spark, with a crow or two besides, a ram (and one small flicker -fly.) 88 of them in all, (infinity … Continue reading

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