Bawdy Aubade


Saucy wench,
that moon. Silk-slipping
away with morning’s after
-glow. She knows a thing
or two about slinking away,
sinking low when sun cracks
open its egg-on-the-face stain.

She’s danced all night and
now it’s time to tuck in tight
with a starry-stirred cocktail
and a dream. Dawn’s about
to break
(her heart)
and start the day
as she
(half shine, half dark, all sass)


A second aubade offering for Miz Q, day 19


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2 Responses to Bawdy Aubade

  1. Iris says:

    I am loving all your poetry, even though I’ve been slack on commenting. I’m here, always, reading everything multiple times.

    I’m thrilled with how you’re using the word-stacking/letter-switching trick. There at the end, for example, you lined up “fades” close enough to the “h” in “half” to draw out “Hades.” No one but me and Brian Miller would see that, I don’t think. But there it is, tucked away for us to un-secret.

    I love that you dressed the moon in a slip. How beautiful.

  2. erbiage says:

    A delicious saucy wench
    Sunny side up
    Cracking open ( love the egg on sky face)
    She danced all night, now it’s time to tuck in tight (ok now I’m *really* impressed)
    Dawns about to break
    (her heart). !!! OMG!!! >pantingcrying<


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