We shirr ourselves together
from invisible
strings, clustering in flocks
and crowds
like birds, mustering
our faith. Colorful chairs
unfolding, holding our
memories. Our laughter,
like bright awnings
from the street.

We swear by flowers,
mosaics, the smell of pages.
We sit. We stay. We pray
and cry and wonder
and we hold each
other. We

are here,
and dearly be
Prompted by Miz Q. Come play! 



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5 Responses to Gatherings

  1. erbiage says:

    Birds muster! Hold each other! Pray is play if you’re doing it right.

  2. I love your use of shirr…and “and dearly be
    -loved.” is just brilliant and tender.

  3. Lorraine says:

    I like the word usage and the images this conjures up in my mind.

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