Functions & Fabrications

“though life’s lived wrongsideout,sameness chokes oneness”
– E.E. Cummings


It’s the (l)oneliness that gets to you,
the only-ness. The lack
of all,
the fall. The up

to make you
forget you are
…………a sing
-ular sensation.
A snowflake. Or a



Prompted by Poetic Asides..
See also: E.E. Cummings’ Love’s Function and  l(a). 





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2 Responses to Functions & Fabrications

  1. violet says:

    First I was thinking about math (functions). But wow did you grab me at the end with “aura star.” That is gorgeous!

  2. lynn__ says:

    I’m a fan of e.e.cummings…and whimsygizmo 🙂

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