Tied, Untried & True

spring has sprung
and she feels flung.
no time to sing,
laugh in flowers,
raise face to sun.

give her a warm-wandered
shore, a place to store
the sands of time.
a sea. a song.

spring her
from these
chains, love


It’s Quadrille Day over at dVerse. 🙂 Kim’s hosting. Come play! 


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25 Responses to Tied, Untried & True

  1. lillian says:

    ….oh I LOVED to make daisy chains and dandelion chains when I was little….and with my grandkids too! 🙂

  2. She is a busy lady… love her though when she’s sprung… 🙂

  3. frankhubeny says:

    Thinking of a chain as a daisy chain makes it seem more like a love knot.

  4. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Love knots, daisy chains, & dream catchers–all still await the exit of chill here in the NW. I like the look &feel of your last stanza.

  5. I love how you are asking to ‘give her a warm-wandered shore, a place to store the sands of time’ :o)

  6. Magic words! It snowed on our daffodils and blooming forsythia this morning (bah humbug), but hopefully this last blast of winter will be brief.

  7. thotpurge says:

    spring her undone from these daisy chains, love knots… oh I like that!

  8. lynn__ says:

    This is fun…especially the last verse 🙂

  9. erbiage says:

    You acheive a brilliant balance in your work, with those parenthesis. And the rimes fit so well

  10. I like this one. It has real energy. I can feel it skipping along.

  11. Happy, delightful poem, De. I’m wondering if you are experiencing summer like we are right now. 95! And the air-conditioning is in a funk.

  12. Oh this is soo elegantly written De ❤️ I absolutely adore this “give her a warm-wandered shore, a place to store the sands of time. a sea. a song.”

  13. Grace says:

    Warm-wandered shore and daisy chains spoke to me De ~ Let her spring and fly free ~

  14. kim881 says:

    That’s a tongetwister of a title, De, and I love it. You’ve spun words wonderfully again in a lyrical Quadrille that makes me smile, especially those
    chains, love

  15. wolfsrosebud says:

    I felt I was skipping in this poem

  16. Michael says:

    Ah the joys of spring De…

  17. Singledust says:

    what a unique way to present the Quadrille, I admire it very much. a place to store
    the sands of time. – this was brilliant – the sea and sand sing a song to keep – inspiring!

  18. I loved the word play in this piece. Well done De. 🙂

  19. Truedessa says:

    spring her undone – unraveling in the beauty of warm beginnings…

  20. erbiage says:

    Nots are chains indeed.

  21. MarinaSofia says:

    This poem certainly springs about as cheerily as a lamb! Perfect!

  22. merrildsmith says:

    I love the rhythm and energy of this!

  23. Imelda says:

    Lovely last lines. 🙂

  24. See Saw
    from Winter
    Summer mix
    of 80 degrees all F’ed uP..
    As Fahrenheit FloWers Freezing..;)

  25. Teresa says:

    This is wonderful!

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