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shedragon shenanigans

  she crimson-rips open the waiting sky with her one tendril of desire :: rushing water, whirling fire.   .. Twiglet #15.   

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Dragon Dance Journey

.. Lull her soft with bubblegum grin and giggle-ghost breath. She breeze-leaves a cloud of spark and shadow, whisper-twist. Springspill her shimmer to a melted dawn sky, a moonscar curly-cued over open horizon. Green leaves of fire. Heartskip. Her sun’s … Continue reading

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Spring, (Foreword)

I. See, here’s the thing: winter’s got a way of freezing time. Sum   (12) II. –mer’s somethin’ else entire(less)ly. (4) III. Fall makes herself tumble-bumble known in leavings. Enter (8) IV. Spring. She’s got a thing for flowers, and … Continue reading

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Tilt-a-Whirl Girl

… The sky’s gone the color of cotton candy kissable lips and French twist bliss, and she is all but top of the Ferris wheel spun. Fun -house fallen, trick mirrors and ………………..all.   … Lill’s taking us for a … Continue reading

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