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She has not thought this poem through.

; It has no pondered purpose. No prayer. No be -ginning, midd -led end. But the phrase indoor fins wanted a place to be, so she builds it a word-salted home, a storm drain, a sea. .. The phrase ‘indoor fins’ … Continue reading

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Still Pondering Crows

.. She knows there are other things to pause and poem (the light in that window there, the flapping rooster man on the corner, the whisper of snails) , but she cannot seem to get past the ebony apostrophes of … Continue reading

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unpocketed wild

child , can’t you see our shackles (these chains, the sky) have fallen? in the swollen swell of silence and your eyelash flutter, I shuttered my indigo fingers, my gills and scales and skin. the sky’s an ocean. these legs … Continue reading

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Keep This Under Your Skin

(As Deep As That Dark Blue Sea) ………….(An American Sentence)   .. ::…..We’re sharing salt again, waiting for the sky to solve these too small dreams.…..::

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(just) ascloseasthis

squeeze in tight and fight the urge to hustle-bustle on outta here. hold my hand, my heart, my time. stay.sigh.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.   

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suspended moment

(a leaky bit of moonlight)   under a dark-haired driven threadbare quilted sky, driven bursts of clawing breath and the muted cry of unglazed small -boned crows dreaming murder, death – muffled blooms and fretful sleep.   .. Cool visual … Continue reading

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