Keep This Under Your Skin

(As Deep As That Dark Blue Sea)

………….(An American Sentence)



::…..We’re sharing salt again, waiting for the sky to solve these too small dreams.…..::

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1 Response to Keep This Under Your Skin

  1. violet says:

    Fantastic title.

    I’m picturing this being about two people, divulging secrets and sadnesses, perhaps while sitting at a bar together. I think “Dark Blue Sea” is the name of the drink they’re having. It’s some sort of blue margarita, thus the salt sharing … that, and the tears, of course.

    Maybe they’re married, and they’re realizing that they should be dreaming bigger together and having more faith. In fact, they might be on a church mission trip together or something. A beach trip. Ooh, that makes me think of Dear John. Oh, yes! Let’s make it about that beautiful, tragic, romantic book/movie.

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