Still Pondering Crows


She knows
there are other things to pause
and poem
(the light in that window there,
the flapping rooster man on the corner,
the whisper of snails)

but she cannot seem to get
past the ebony apostrophes
of those feathered raven
gathering murder
and calling the morning
a black-heart
with no more shine.

See the way they line
the wire, bring their caws
and effect against
all this blue? They’re
plotting something big,
and I,
for on(c)e,
will be read




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5 Responses to Still Pondering Crows

  1. erbiage says:

    Ditch that first stanza. It undermines the rest. This is awesome. Gathering murder! Liar wire! Caws and effect! You are Read!

  2. Crows. Perfectly crows.

  3. violet says:

    The last stanza, and this:

    “the light in that window there,
    the flapping rooster man on the corner”

    … are my favorites.

  4. “Caws and effect” – that is a classic! Love this poem, De.

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