flotation devices

some things are not meant to be
(unthrown stones,
dusty mirrors, aching sky)

but left to her own,
she is simply learning
the intricate architecture of
these landlocked limbs.


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5 Responses to flotation devices

  1. annell4 says:

    I love your poetry….but I would like to unsubscribe because you are filling up my email. Just too much. But I couldn’t get your unsubscribe to work? I will come to your blog when I can >

    • whimsygizmo says:

      Sorry, annell. I have no idea how such admin type things work. I don’t think I can help you from my end. I understand completely. I tend to write in waves. I can hear my husband’s inbox “ding” every time I post a poem, and I often think I’ve probably some followers rolling their eyes at me. 😉 Welcome back, any time.

      • violet says:

        I am never happier or more stable than when I get five to ten doses of you a day. Please flood the mess out of me (and my inbox) with your beautiful, masterful, just-what-I-need-at-all-times poetry. I adore you, and I cannot say that “harder.”

        I love this poem. Especially this section:

        “but left to her own,
        she is simply learning
        the intricate architecture of …”

        I like leaving it hanging, in my head, without the last line. I’m all about ending things with ellipses.

  2. “unthrown stones”– great image, full of potential and restraint.

  3. Just Barry says:

    In case of emergency, I will return to your wealth of poetry as my own floatation device.

    I love the subtle language of this poem.

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