Breaking Blue


here’s the thing:

Shape-shifter, soul
-drifter, wayward wandering
gypsy skydragon. White wisp.

You’ve got a thousand
other places
to be, and I can see
them all through
cloudy eyes.


Prompted by Miz Q. Quickly.


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4 Responses to Breaking Blue

  1. violet says:

    This is awesome. I am nuts over the second stanza. I also love what you did with the layered ending … especially, “I can see them all through, Cloudy Eyes.” It’s like you’re talking to someone who can’t see/think straight. But you’re saying that no matter what, you will be there for that person, through to the end.

    What song is that second stanza making me think of? I can hear the tune and rhythm, but not the lyrics.

  2. You’ve got a thousand
    other places
    to be……… oh I love that. Our perception through cloudy eyes.

  3. lynn__ says:

    Fantastic imaginings of clouds 🙂

  4. julespaige says:

    I can see the dragon! Well captured 🙂

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