cold bones and afghan skin


patchwork quilted
into another
chilly dawn, she
steels herself
a rattling winter
wild with storms.

Twiglet #17




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3 Responses to cold bones and afghan skin

  1. violet says:

    “afghan skin” … What a killer image.

    “patchwork quilted
    into another” … I love that this could mean two people are being quilted together OR it could mean one person is being quilted into a new person.

    I also love the idea of “stealing” oneself. That should absolutely be our response when the rest of the world tries to steal us — we steal ourselves back.

  2. Misky says:

    Made me shiver!

  3. I have to steel myself for every winter now. Looking forward to spring, summer and fall… why does winter feeeeel so long?

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