Someday songs for my sometimes self

{confessions of a Pro Crastinator}


tomorrow’s good.
tomorrow would
be better. you see,
today’s the day I’ve saved
for counting wishes,
swallowing stars.

the sky’s too blue
to do
all these to-do’s.

come back another time;
i’m communing with clouds
and breathing out loud
and pondering poems
and drinking in rhymes
and being


you please tell the masses
to just hush, there’s no
rush and no reason
for hurry. this world’s not
a kite on a string i’ve let go.
it’s the long slow beat of quiet
feet and breath and water
and that scribble of songbird
in me
-squite tree.

and no matter how many days
I’ve hoarded, fought for,
won –
it all
gets done.


April PAD Challenge, day 2

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1 Response to Someday songs for my sometimes self

  1. my kind of procrastination…love this

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