The Clock Says Two


The clock says two,
which means she’s got a few
hours to pack it all – not much –
………………and go.

The $426 in the flour jar
says she’ll get aways,
and she knows how to wait
tables anywhere.

Her bruises say
she’s got another day
to wait before it all
begins all over again.

The petals on the sorry
roses are starting to fall,
starting to stink like Jim
Beam and regret.

The clock calls three,
and she could be well
on her way to somewhere
sunny, somewhere safe.

It seems her legs
have forgotten their place.

But it’s okay.
She knows how to wait.
Prompted by PAD 
Challenge day 2.



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2 Responses to The Clock Says Two

  1. poignant – hope she didn’t wait too long

  2. lynn__ says:

    Sadly dangerous inertia…

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