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Spangled Dragon

.. She longs for sparkles and streamers and shine, the fine fine sheen of knowing. The flowing of a tail that shimmers in the setting sun. She sings in syllables of fire. Hums embers loose, crimson fireflies etching skyward. She … Continue reading

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on the back porch, after the rain

.. kiss me, quick under the thicket of this cotton-swallowed sky.     …. twiglet #18.    

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.. the start’s a cry, a blur, a wonder. the finish is a fraying string of sorrow. the real story lies in that most mad (and moonly) middle dash.   ..

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Quill Dawn

(an ovillejo) .. .. Some small, unbroken begun bliss – …and in this: the moon’s a smile, a curved-fine …shadowed line. This slivered shining world apart …might find your heart smoothed into something new to start. Hold onto filament of … Continue reading

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A Confusion of Crows

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. – Closing Time, by Semisonic   .. We talk a dark string from twilight to dawn, one last strand holding onto nothing and everything. And they (they three) just sit there … Continue reading

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