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time. space. {continue…um.}

    let’s fold the map and melt the clock, unstitch the stars. if we could only open up this sky like a big ol’ jar. it’s all relative (really), this swirl of now and then and where and when … Continue reading

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(He) (Li) there for hours, (Hf) broken. (No) joke.

.. They lied. What it really took was  titanium pins to put Humpty back together again.     .. Robert has us playing with the periodic table of elements for our poems today over at PAD day 5. Too much fun.  … Continue reading

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Lake of the Sky

.. When you slip on ……..your cobalt best, …………..I find myself on your shore. There are small kingdoms ……..here, sandcastles of …………..my own small making. Do you see the geese ripple ……..your surface? They etch …………..a new language – I … Continue reading


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{the one in which she periodically takes a road trip with some of the elements}   .. Let’s get the Lead out, hit the Rhodium. Hey, mind your Bismuth. Hold your Tungsten. Got your Van-adium? Bro,mine’s full. (Yours Argon.) Let’s … Continue reading

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copper moon

.. she’s showing off again, elegant in her own bright skin. some borrowed shine, a penny tossed to fountain sky.   .. Prompted by April PAD Challenge, day 5.       

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