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seeing stars

  i. the sky’s an ebony construction paper sonnet, pin-pricked through with prayers. ii. loose moths mirroring the moon’s gregarious glow. iii. an infinity of unspent wishes. iv. a connect-the-dots game craving chalk. v. a freckle-pocked pathway going somewhere soon. … Continue reading

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The Paint I Ain’t.

..   I wish that I was hued in blue, swirled in sapphire and song. Perhaps I’d brush myself in turquoise, too, cobalt all this skin I’m in …………….(-digo) until it’s cyan, self …-azured. I am not peacock -proud. I … Continue reading

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sounding off

.. the sky’s got too much rattle today, too much clatter, clamor, treble; not enough clef. you’d have to be deaf not to hear those clouds clunking around up there, cha-cha-cha-ing all over each other’s toes. and could someone please … Continue reading

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