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It’s Complicated.

.. Once upon an embered morn, while I quoth my nevermore, you came tapping, gently rapping, opening my chamber door. I shut my eyes &felt you kiss me dead, adagio a gallop on my heart. I wish to be a … Continue reading

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so this is how it ends.

{or is it merely the beginning?}   .. the sky, a broken hallelujah. that full fat gossip moon, laughing in our waning faces.   ..

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Nine Ways to Woo the Moon

{a Magic 9 poem} .. Catch her in a mason jar (be sure to crack the lid). Swallow her with fallen stars. Wish her well, then smile. Fling her from your fingers, far. Pin her to your left lapel. Pen … Continue reading

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So me an ocean

.. , so deep that you can’t find me. so wide my inky arms can span the world. so vast my salt can stay. Or so I plead with stars. But so far, I am a shore.   .. Prompted … Continue reading

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