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Her Hands

.. See them there? The way they hold and mold and fold to pray? The way her arms (so wide) can heal? The way her fingers (long and lean) might play those keys, might just be the thing that soothes … Continue reading

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Everything Else is the Same

I need a phonecall…I need a raincoat…I need a big love… – Counting Crows, Raining in Baltimore   .. She wears (out) the whole album oh, that crazy (August and Everything After) ………………….again and again. But what really saves her … Continue reading

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Darker Sides

Better go back home, where you belong. – The Temptations    .. .. Follow me, I know a place to run; a place to leave our hearts and tuck away. See that moon? There’s a small child on the other … Continue reading

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holding on to everything, then letting it go

.. shall we dawn a spring-sparked dance of bubblebreeze, drizzledawn? grin me something shimmer-skipped; scar-curled stillness, whispered on. giggle me ghosts and lull-balloons, a spilled-rose cloud that leaves too soon. leaves of green, twist-shadow sky, open the journey; melt into … Continue reading

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Lapping Blue

.. rough as a cat’s tough these lake-sand shores help me pumice my poems.   .. twiglets #19.     

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Indigo Sonata

(an American sentence)   .. She breathes in shades of blue, believes, leaves the sonnet writing to the breeze.   .. Prompted by PAD, day 11.   

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A Sonnet for My Blue

.. Maybe the moon and the waves on the lake will swim with us under the stars. Oh, that I might just let go of the ache that plagues me when wishing for more. The woo of this Blue bids … Continue reading

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