We Shall Be Moved

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Organize! Agitate! Educate!

The clouds are shouting again,
cotton-soft and waning in their
sky-spun skins.

Organize! Agitate! Educate!

Cumulus knows the only way
to go is up. A cup of rain, every
drop in its place.

Organize! Agitate! Educate!

A quiet agitation
of blue. The careful cogitation of
every cloud
(gossamer, gangly, proud)


Prompted by Toads. Come play! 


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10 Responses to We Shall Be Moved

  1. This is delicious, clever and so funny. I must read it to my step-daughter. I just know she’ll appreciate the agitation.

  2. Kerry says:

    Aside from how cool this is from a narrative perspective, I am in awe of your wonderful way with the words – it’s like watching real magic happening.

  3. hypercryptical says:

    Such a wonderful perfect polished write – I wish I’d written it…
    Anna :o]

  4. The only way is up indeed. Agitation from the deep blue to the cotton soft sky spun skins. Rain it down.

  5. Just Barry says:

    You have such a wonderful way with metaphors… I echo hypercryptical… I wish I’d written it too!

  6. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    Oh, I love this heavenly (sic) fantasy.

  7. Isadora Gruye says:

    This is just too cool for school, De! I love the idea of a cloud revolt, but also the word play here (sky-spun skins!!!!!). Thanks so much for taking part in the out of standard and of course…..Viva la!!!!

  8. lynn__ says:

    Give me a cloud demonstration any day!

  9. Rommy Driks says:

    This was both adorable and brilliant. I loved the playful as well as skillfully done imagery.

  10. This was clever and wonderful!

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