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just once

.. she wishes this thing she loved would pay the bills would carry its own weight would support itself instead of hanging around like an overgrown teenager leaving a mess in its wake. one day, perhaps her poetry will take … Continue reading

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Space for Quill

.. Greetings, I am enamored to have met someone so fair, so graced from deep within. Never have I known a bright soul yet so full of magic, madness, heaven, sin. Bright crimson lips, and skies of clearest glass, I’ll … Continue reading

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Ursula Finds Her Song

… So, I’m the bad guy. (Or so they say.) But let’s be fair: she gave it away. She wanted legs. (Poor unfortunate soul.) It wasn’t enough to have this whole wide ocean wave her way. So save your boos … Continue reading

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Mother Moon Takes a Coffee Break

  .. You’re waning again, oh, half-done moon, half-won moon. Straining again to borrow enough light sorrow enough flight to take a larger bite of this broken sky, this tokened why. You take it black with a milky way pour, … Continue reading

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