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Somewhere in the City

{An American sentence}    Streetlamp solely sees them: lovers enfold, only raindrops between them.     .. Prompted by toads. 

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.. no reach of nail could keep him. no scrape of thorn, nor throne. no pierced trunk or bled palm. no turn of whip or vinegar taste. listen for the breeze of grace, the sigh of stone.   .. wordled

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From the Desk of Pan

{Greetings from Neverland}   .. To whom it may conspire, We are all in need of mothers, very badly. Please send lull -abies, bedtime stories, chicken soup. All we got left’s the croup, a noisy angry fairy and a Captain … Continue reading

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solar system

.. they’ve got it down to a science, an order. an orbit. each in its place, spinning around fire. but this is heart: the desire for a generous scoop of stars, a resurrected moon.   .. Prompted by PAD, day … Continue reading

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