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Over.Under.Through. {How do you do?}

(Her Prepositional Phrase Phase)   .. She’s been over easy -worked the rainbow herself the line. She’s been under age suspicion lack of supervision the influence the gun and his tyrannical thumb. She’s been through divorce childbirth loss fear the … Continue reading

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Nocturne in c sharp.

.. I am the night. The smudge of sky that means you can soon close your eyes and breathe deep of stars. I’ve pinned a moon just so so that you’ll know the world will still be here when you … Continue reading

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First Dance

{1984}   .. We are all stiff arms and too-long limbs and sweaty palms and Lionel is belting out Hello and I just know everybody is watching and I’m not even really sure I like you anymore and then the … Continue reading

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cloud cotillion

.. they bump and grind and ska this sky, much to their own cha-cha -chagrin.   .. Prompted by PAD, day 17. 

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