Shopping in the DepARTment

Mi Young Lee


There’s a little blue heart that speaks
to me, a chalkdust squiggle,
a mustard smudge.

For all the things that are yet
to come, I’ll choose that giant colon


or that little green apostrophe,
for the peace I wish I owned.


Prompted by toads

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13 Responses to Shopping in the DepARTment

  1. gillena says:

    Thank you for dropping by my blog today

    much love…

  2. I see them all and more…beautifully executed De.

  3. Wonderful! I too see all of them. Beautiful interpretation of the art. Thanks for writing!!

  4. Candy says:

    Loved ‘s(hop)ping’ in the art dep(art)ment with you

  5. sanaarizvi says:

    Oh this is lovely!❤️ Such a beautiful take on the prompt, De 😀

  6. charleen martinez says:

    This is really neat! Nice job!

  7. kaykuala h says:

    So much to glean from so compact a masterpiece. That’s the beauty of the abstract’s hold on our imaginations! Rightly so De!


  8. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    Great choices … and great looking.

  9. Jim says:

    I’m smiling, De. Seems that you like the round objects, and the artist put them in opposite corners for his reason. I hadn’t paid them much never mind.

  10. My kingdom for a little green apostrophe! Love this, De.

  11. Lorraine says:

    Your imagery brings new perspective and perception to the art.

  12. Marian says:

    Oh, really great last line!

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