When She Uses All The Words



She’s still
dance-drizzling shadow
-word clouds; open sparks
spring on cue, breathe
ghosts into giggles,
spill scars.

She lulls
words to jars
(journey, rose, breeze),
leaves their shimmer
to bubblegrin a green
dawn. Curls her melted
self (whisperthintwist)
into bold balloon.

to sky.

A second quadrille for dVerse today, The One With All The Words. 

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10 Responses to When She Uses All The Words

  1. erbiage says:

    I like word-clouds

  2. My favourite image is […] shimmer to bubblegrin a green dawn. The poem made me smile.

  3. I agree with Adriana – your poem made me smile! Thank you!

  4. Bravo. You’re still rockin them.

  5. Grace says:

    I love the dance and skipping to the sky De ~ You rock this challenge ~

  6. Waltermarks says:

    She sounds to me like she’s speaking and dancing into little thought bubbles, then she curls herself into one and skips into the sky. I like the way it flows, quite spontaneously

  7. sanaarizvi says:


  8. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    fabulously descriptive and unique verbs here:
    “dance-drizzling” and my favourite “bubblegrin”

  9. Oh… this is so joyful… love the balloon into sky

  10. Shawna says:

    Love these:

    “She’s still
    dance-drizzling shadow”

    ghosts into giggles”

    “Curls her melted”

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