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Manna {What is it?}

              google images .. Apparently, there was no food in their food for awhile there. A couple of ingredients shy of plastic. P r e s e r v a t i v e … Continue reading

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I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me. – The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton  .. Looking in {again} , I wonder just how long it’s been {no doubt} since I was on the inside, looking out. . … Continue reading

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Paper Tigers

… This poem has no re -morse code, no regrets. It does not wish it wasn’t, or want to be something else, even as it trips over its own un -iambic feet. It’s complete in its im -perfections, its imp … Continue reading

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Regrets, Get Your Regrets!

.. Regrets, get your regrets! Your troubles and your frets! Bad relationships? We’ve got ’em, and just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, we can add that fifth divorce to the pile. Job you hate? There’s no debate! And … Continue reading

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