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to hold the moon on your hungry tongue

… , first hum her name in scooped vanilla phrase, and let it murmur-melt to silence. drizzle her in dark chocolate sauce sky, with poprock star sprinkles. there’s a milky way shake nearby; just grab a straw and slurp. the … Continue reading

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Lear-ing at the Moon

.. Have you met my best muse, the moon? Some mornings, she leaves way too soon. So I woo her with phrases and sometimes she raises my spirits to joy, from jejune.   .. .. Frank has us pondering Limericks … Continue reading

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Pickup, Aisle 2

… She was really only there for peaches. But still, she fell – melon ……..over …Man ………..-olos. .. prompted by toads. Also a fun older shoe poem here.   

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feasting on the moon, and poems

{a ramble in sestina form} ..   the moon’s a golden pest, a horizon harlot crack -ing open the sky in a ramble of tide, a hiccup of light. watch her wince -squint her way to dawn’s festoon of crimson … Continue reading

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pocket poems

… go ahead, be a pest. crack open your pocket, your heart, your chest. ramble on in perfect rhyme, or hiccup in perfect iambic time. they might wince or squint as you show ’em, but let’s festoon the world with … Continue reading

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sunset unsavored

.. when we hurry through ……to yawn ……to dawn ..we miss ..the last kiss of tangerine-cherry slush sky.     ..  

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