pocket poems

go ahead, be a pest.
crack open your pocket, your heart, your chest.
ramble on in perfect rhyme,
or hiccup in perfect iambic time.
they might wince or squint as you show ’em,
but let’s festoon the world with poems.

PAD, day 27. Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day! 

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2 Responses to pocket poems

  1. Edward Rinaldi says:

    To do is to know
    nothing, defining less
    blessed are those
    who eat the sky
    and call it bread
    if a picture really painted
    a thousand words
    why do poems
    still find their way
    in and out
    of our pockets
    especially when
    we paint the pictures
    our souls and spirits take
    with curtsy rhyme
    bowing meter
    or simply the breathless bits
    we spit when the coffee kicks in …

  2. Shawna says:

    I love this one too. Especially the invitation in the opening line.

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