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Communing with Clouds

Oh, there are plenty o’ people in her (neighborhood) (house) (circle) (face) , plenty of noisy cacophonous ……….(crowds)  traces of business and busy-ness and messy-mess and who and where and when and why. But she’s an introverted soul, with a … Continue reading

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white room

… white walls like fresh snow -fall. tree shed, spread out before me. parch -ment for something more. a whole wide world of words, and i have been given this one small (cage) (rage) (stage) …………………….page.     .. NaPoWriMo, … Continue reading

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… we push and push (and pushandpushandpush) , and then we pull our own hearts out of our chests and watch them walk around in the world as if we do not feel every beat, every booboo, every ache. as … Continue reading

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a little something soupish

.. this poem is all split -pea and hambone moon, noodled in syllables and slightly goth broth. it’s dump -lings and gum -bo flings and hot and sour and wanton lust for life. let it simmer ; don’t take it … Continue reading

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breaking {up with} dawn

… it’s the way the sun cracks her head open on horizon’s skillet, all yolk, and light. a stretch. a yawn. ……………………a sigh.     ..

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love potion number 9

{a magic 9 poem}   .. spell me a love song syllabled in your smile, a place to trace my long -ing, hold my rain. potion me a bright tongue to help me sing your beat. cauldron me a full … Continue reading

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Longing for Borrowed Light

…then you can swallow it, and it’ll all dissolve, see, and the moonbeams would shoot out of your fingers and your toes and the ends of your hair… – George Bailey, It’s a Wonderful Life   .. .. Is it … Continue reading

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Strutting His Stuff

.. He’s all that and that bag of chips, one for his shoulder and one for his bright-eyed tail. He’s turquoise and turned, poised and ready for his runway show, decked out in his finest feathered trails. He’s pride and … Continue reading

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When She Uses All The Words

.. , She’s still dance-drizzling shadow -word clouds; open sparks spring on cue, breathe ghosts into giggles, spill scars. She lulls words to jars (journey, rose, breeze), leaves their shimmer to bubblegrin a green dawn. Curls her melted self (whisperthintwist) … Continue reading

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ink blot

.. she’s not what you think; no substance, all salt filled with faults and fears and fragile fragment moonlight waning. she’s framing the day in whispers and tears, soap shavings of song. she’s wired wild and weird, but she sits … Continue reading

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