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If He Catches You, You’re Through

… Ah! There he is, my feathered speedy friend, without a clue his life’s about to end. I’ll hide behind this rockface over here and watch him beeeeeeep on by, without a fear. I’m wily, and I’m patient, so he’ll … Continue reading

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the tin man finds his heart

Matt Dixon .. it starts with a spark, the way the ebony dress falls soft around him, a scrim of diamonds covering even the most rusted of scars. it only takes one small bright breath to fall in love with … Continue reading

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In Some Distant Cul de Sac

.. A crow caws its craving to a swollen sky. The house sings a scattered hallelujah, ……………….and sighs.     .. twiglet #22. 

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Crying Over Boys

I’m down to just one thing, and I’m starting to scare myself… – Something I Can Never Have, Nine Inch Nails   … We’re on our way to Mexico. No, I’m not kidding. And yes, we’re a cliché. And there’s … Continue reading

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