Land of Lyrics


She waits
under a shattered sky
for something to crack loose, fly
into her waiting soul – some syllable
of song, some righted wrong, some
dragon tail of hum
-bled phrase that might unlock
the sun.

She plays
the clouds for fools, unspools
their cotton why and wrangles them
into some semblance of spun
sugar silence. She’s found a
wrinkle in time, a slow-mimed
story to lull
-aby her to sleep.

She keeps
the significance of her
self a secret, a whisper. A shhhhh
-bled tune no one knows.
A prose for fairies. A tickle of
teehee and tea. A tree of tangled
limbs and trebled clef. A full breath.


Prompted by Poetic Asides


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2 Responses to Land of Lyrics

  1. blogoratti says:

    Always a swift moment when the right time comes, but until then our thoughts remain hidden. Wanting to reveal much but holding back. Delightful read!

  2. erbiage says:

    Oo very nice! Love the sounds in this

    Sent from my iPad

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