i am 5am.

i am the last of the night sky
before the sun
scorches eyes
and torches skin.

i am huff-puffed
breath and silence,
the violence of fiery lung
and too-dry tongue and
and ohjustonemorestep. 

i am the rhythm of feet
and the serenade of birds
and the beating of wings
and my own limbs, tranquil
-thankful for another day.





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3 Responses to i am 5am.

  1. i had my girlie with me today…almost 2 (in this 7am heat!!) When’s your race? are you signed up for one?

  2. Waltermarks says:

    I could do, “I am 6:30 am”. You’re a go getter at that time of day, and thankful for a new day. That rocks

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