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{wherein she (once again) uses all the words to describe the moon}

… she’s a still-spring giggle, echoed sound, whisperstorm. dance her (shimmered bubble-balloon, dawn-ghost; cue twist-skip cloud-melting grin) scar-curled into open spill. will her vanilla-drizzled and pepper-sprinkle-sparked into shadow flickered breeze. she’s a white sky-rose, unjarred from journey. leaves you lulled, … Continue reading

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it’s the way the sky darkens, harkens back and cracks open with a start, a storm, a sun-struck smile. the way the …….(fears) years stumble, tumble and squall; the way rain ………….love or a lone tree falls and maybe nobody … Continue reading

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run two {and change}

{rearrange} your headspace to a c c o m o d a t e a paler blue. pace yourself, and trace that filament of sky to some semblance of sanity, some quiet sigh of gratitude, some shuffled feet of grace. … Continue reading

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