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… She spills her soul to storm and wills her self to soar, and quills her words some more along these sacred shores.   .. Written for Poetic Asides. 

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She’ll need more than galoshes for this bright rain.

.. She’s walked a few in blue suede, slipped ruby, glass. Laced up before the dawn in pursuit of early grace. Donned lace and leather, canvas; retraced her own ………steps (backward) ……….barefoot …….in sand. She’s landed sharp, and soft, and … Continue reading


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more than blue

… call her ish {mael}, tired of waiting,de -bating breath and sigh -lence. call her boneless courage, be -friended skin, beginning of sacred sky. squall her a storm, some salt she might shed, a day she might dread turned to … Continue reading

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Cloudy, with a {small} chance of tossing all her words to sky.

I dance. Bliss-bubbleballoon this clover-cloud sky. We journey, jars open, leaves spilled; giggle -ghost our most drizzle-dreamed stillness. Flicker me storm -peppered fear, the dear -dawn way green twists rosebreeze. Whisper -curl my long-lulled scarsong, breath sparked, shadowsound. Shimmer -grin … Continue reading

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it comes down to this {she says, as she falls}

.. the bliss of the moon kissing skin. the twist of balloon clouds shadow-puppeting the sky. the skip of stones across the sea. can you hold these things …..{careful, careful now} for me? i’ll be back once these old dry … Continue reading

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i am 5am

the zen of all sky, no sun. first breaths, and livening of lungs. i am slow beat of heart and feet, rhythmic pull of chest. i am fast (g)race, unmetered pace, blurred face and untamed. blessed.

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Run Four (and a Little More)

in the humidity. in the humility. in the hummm-idity of a new day. through the rainy breeze. through the whispering trees. through the raging seas of your own crazy brain. run four (and a little more) to clear your mind. … Continue reading

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Everything’s Eventual

… The way the sky cracks open to the beat of her most unmetered feet. The way her heart tunes itself to a new moon with each dawn. The birdsong that builds her heart a home, fills her throat with … Continue reading

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running through

a slow and gentle rain calls and falls on street-slap feet. i conquer 2.5, alive with the scent of skywater on skin and a new day to begin. the drops become a rhythm, a rhyme, a song, the long slow … Continue reading

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running before the sun

{wakes} ………{shines} …{takes} the day in another direction. be -fore the moon sleeps, tucked in tight and slightly tilted. before the pavement heats and the streets are filled with people and cars and busy-ness and business and all the nonsense … Continue reading

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