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spicing the moon

tonight she’s all cinnamon-simmer, a saffron-shimmer in a cardamom sky. melt her center, spent. bent towards some semblance of jazz -mine grace, her face a swollen slice of stolen nutmeg pie. sprinkle her in crater -cradled stars. sp(l)ice her soul … Continue reading


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We Regret to Inform You

… This poem knows nothing new of note. Nothing notable nor news worthy. Nothing even slightly south of sane. It’s got no goods, not even on the down low. No get up and go when it comes to bending an … Continue reading

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What have we done?

… Did we dance? Did the stars etch our path, fallen and pure and lost? Did we toss the right things to sky, and keep the rest? Or did we hide our best faces for those rainy days? Have you … Continue reading

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The Throatstone that Wakes Her

… This fear is the long slow heartbeat of that clock, the tocking of hours and the clicking of keys. It seizes the day in fits and starts and sputters, utters vapor words to a chalkboard sky, blows desert wind, … Continue reading

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Another Thing, Coming

I’m the dreaming ghost, guest, waitress, watcher, wanting the words to be true. Whatever the weapons may come to mean. ……………………………– Adrienne Rich, Scenes of Negotiation   … You’ve got it, in spades, she tells the girl in the mirror … Continue reading

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Moon Mother

.. she’s a sweet old golden grandmother in an embroidered jacket, all pale blond pigtails and plush mouth plumped for kisses. teacher of all things celestial and falling. she’s the penny you saved, the drop of water earned. the thumbprint … Continue reading

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storm fairy

… so, listen: you’re either well -weathered wit(her), or you’re not. if you’ve caught her ……..(net, pocket, palm) you know the moment -airy calm she brings be fore. her satin ribbon hair’s a syllabic squall wibble-wobbly woven through this sky. … Continue reading

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run two

{.5} lungs full of glue, but alive and well and ready again to pound these morning streets. set rhythm of feet and rasp to go, then do, and take up the task of shred-treading on through. sun beat us today, but … Continue reading

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If The Earth Stands Still, I Will Know No More Than This.

There is really nothing you must be and there is nothing you must do. There is really nothing you must have and there is nothing you must know. There is really nothing you must become. However, it helps to understand … Continue reading

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Throwing Stones at Wayward Thrones

.. We are the princesses of ice and fire and fog and fluff. We have had enough of your glass …………(ceilings) slippers and your velvet chairs not meant for sitting and your golden stair demands of our locks. Your frocks … Continue reading

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