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Moon Mother

.. she’s a sweet old golden grandmother in an embroidered jacket, all pale blond pigtails and plush mouth plumped for kisses. teacher of all things celestial and falling. she’s the penny you saved, the drop of water earned. the thumbprint … Continue reading

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storm fairy

… so, listen: you’re either well -weathered wit(her), or you’re not. if you’ve caught her ……..(net, pocket, palm) you know the moment -airy calm she brings be fore. her satin ribbon hair’s a syllabic squall wibble-wobbly woven through this sky. … Continue reading


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run two

{.5} lungs full of glue, but alive and well and ready again to pound these morning streets. set rhythm of feet and rasp to go, then do, and take up the task of shred-treading on through. sun beat us today, but … Continue reading

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