We Regret to Inform You

This poem knows nothing new
of note. Nothing notable nor news
worthy. Nothing even slightly south
of sane.

It’s got no goods, not even on

No get up and go when it comes
to bending an ear. No here and
now. No whowhatwhenwherewhy

This poem is so out of the
loopy, it’s soupy with extraneous
scutt and the
……..(like, big)
butts of its own jokes.

If you’ve got the 411, good
for you. This poem’s got none.
Not one fancy thing new
under the sun.

Its deets? Incomplete.
Its facts, stacked in sand.
No scoop. No poop. No dirt.
No dope.

One tiny iota of knowledge?

This poem is clueless.
(Like, totally.) It’s useless
to try and make it care.

Close your eyes
and listen.

It’s barely


Written for Poetic Asides

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5 Responses to We Regret to Inform You

  1. ZurkPoetry says:

    Enjoyed this witty poem very much and the ending most of all 😊

  2. Shawna says:

    This is so incredibly de-licious. I am in mad (crazy beautiful) love with this.

  3. qbit says:

    Well you certainly keep good company!
    “It is difficult
    to get the news from poems…”

  4. OH! MY! GOODNESS! I so love this poem. Made me smile. (“It’s barely there.”) This poem may think it doesnt have the goods. But it does. I enjoyed this so much, De. Made my day.

  5. Well here i am, apparantly time traveling to my October prompt where you could easily have submitted this..along with about 8 billion of your other fabulous poems…maybe I should adder next ra challenge to your submission…this is just too bloody easy for you.

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