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Breathing it in, holding it all

… It was quiet when we started, the sky a scrim of something we might swim through, deem true and real and lasting. We’ve fastened ourselves in, (full and upright positions), contents shifted. Sifted like sand through these tired hands. … Continue reading

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Distant Stars

…   Struck, we recruit that most madly moon ….(magnetic in her cloudy sway) to deem us worthy of our carbon, our base, our centers, our side -real longings. She’s a powdered compact, a mask we choose to pull from … Continue reading

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To Do List for a Fall(ing) Afternoon

… Watch these old bones moan and creak; watch the moon wreak havoc on this scarred sky. Watch the birds never worry. Watch the scurry of feet. The beat of heart. Start somewhere. Hold never on your tired tongue. Speak … Continue reading

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I Believe You, Poem.

… When you say that you are strong, and beautiful and wise and sure. When you say that you are not. When you fill the snow with silence. I believe …….(in) you, poem. I know you can heal the world … Continue reading

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two ghost moon girls, clad only in snow and silence

… we dance in bubbled skin, gossamer-grin shimmered strong; twist all day long with clouds. spill loud. we giggle, spring-drizzle our storm-bliss on hungry tongues; spice sky with jars of whisper. kiss dawn. we’re (wanted) haunted shadow-souls breathed brilliant blue … Continue reading

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For My City, as It’s Falling

My City is aching. It’s taking one breath at a time, holding love at center and knowing ……………’s enough. My City is reeling, kneeling. Begging for healing and a glimpse of something that just might be Light. ………………………..We fight. Name … Continue reading

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