I Believe You, Poem.

When you say that you are
strong, and beautiful and wise
and sure. When you say that you are
not. When you fill the snow
with silence.

I believe
you, poem. I know
you can heal
the world with your
-bled breath, with your
long slow deaths, with your
and clacks.

I believe you
believe in me.

In my heart. In my stuttered
starts and slanted skew. In my too
too strong heart thrum,
in the scumbled mess of
all I am. I be

leave you
with these words:
……….be free.



Written for Poetic Asides



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5 Responses to I Believe You, Poem.

  1. I believe IN you, poem.

  2. qbit says:

    This is a poem to believe in!

  3. Misky says:

    I’m not a particularly weepy sort, it this filled me with emotion.


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