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And what if I whisper? Will the moon answer my call?

What if I got it wrong And no poem or song Could put right what I got wrong – Cold Play   ..     Shhhhh. I didn’t ask you for answers. Just some quiet …….h   u  m, some … Continue reading

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Pondering the if of you, and smiling.

.. There’s a moon out, see? And she’s a busy-body. In no time she’ll span this great vast sky and you and I will still be sitting here, and that’s okay by me. I’ve got ghosts, but you’ve held them … Continue reading

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what if this

… poe umm is a tell-tale heart, an unquiet start -led by nothing more than the ghost of something less? what if she’s tested the waters and found them too salty, faulty in all their storms? what if this is … Continue reading

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