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Please Pardon This Poem’s (Fairy) Dust

‘Cause I’m under construction everyone so you’ll have to mind the mess I’m under some construction ………………………..– No Doubt   . She’s longing to be exquisite in her own bright skin, so she’s filling in between the lines with sprite, … Continue reading


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Building Permits for a Fragile Castle

And if a bird can speak, who once was a dinosaur, And a dog can dream; should it be implausible  That a man might supervise The construction of light – Projekct Two     .. We’re gonna build it up-up-up, of our own … Continue reading

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paper scissors

they don’t cut much, or deep, and they keep tearing. their edges are ragged and worn as my own. but i am convinced if i let them flap in the breeze long enough, they might cover me, rock my inky … Continue reading

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Schooled Poem

 . This poem knows a thing or two, turns out. Doubt her if you must, but she’s been around the block and down the street and see that corner over there? She ruled it, once. She’s once bitten, twice shy. … Continue reading

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