Poem Re:Mix


This poem is a redux,
all things
reworked and
twerked into some new

She’s the be
-ning, all scotch
(guarded) and rum
-bled heart. She’ll start
with farthings, starlings,
……………and smoke.

She’s a crum
-bling mask of isosceles breeze,
cobbled wordstone syllables
headed for nothing
(some podunk place just north
………………………………of here.)

She’s a rebel, a scoundrel,
a schizophrenic strophe spondee
sea-swooner who’d sooner
ditch the shoes
and let her hair down
than drown in her own un
-ambic sprite, and sparkle.

She’s a preamble sigh,
a breath of ample song,
a wallflower shrinking violet
cocooned in moon and longing
for the slightest posse
-bility of plowing inky crow
through snow.

She’s a Poe
-umm. Telltale heart. Drink
of Blue, unquiet start. Once
bitten, twice shy and
abundant in both


Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge, day 25

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