De-cember Begins

November was crunch time
and she got pooped of
so she
took a few days to breathe,

in the magic
of Christmas coming,
her heart thrumming
to little boys drumming
to a baby king.

Now all that’s left to do is



It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse. I’m hosting. Come get crunchy with me. 






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25 Responses to De-cember Begins

  1. kanzensakura says:

    Such a delight! and yes, with all the hoohah going on, all that’s left to do is to sing. Let’s sing a good loud carol….God rest you merry gentlefolk…..

  2. kanzensakura says:

    And your name in the title. 🙂

  3. I love this month compared to the last… all those songs and de lights… and we have lit the first candle of advent already… Next week we will celebrate Lucia… (Google Lucia and Sweden… )

  4. You make it sound fun 🙂

  5. This make my heart smile, De. The three line rhyme-running made the poem pick up this pace and then the form at the end slowed it down to the reason for the season.

  6. jillys2016 says:

    Fa la la la la! Deck your poem with cleverruntogethers 🙂 You must, indeed be tired from PAD – nice bit of poeming both here and there. Enjoy the slow slide to Christmas, De.

  7. Shawna says:

    I love this so, so, so much. 🙂

    I’ve been waiting for you to write some micro poems like we talked about. I’m all about it, when you’re ready.

  8. I love this De, from the title all the way to ‘Now all that’s left to do is

    ……………………………..sing.’ xxx

  9. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    Poppingoutpoems indeed – would always be playing catch up on prompts and posts if we did not stop to breathe – especially love those last 2 lines

  10. Vivian Zems says:

    This is so apt for the season. Time to sing indeed – you’ve set the beat!

  11. A poetic bit of fussing for sure–I have never tried one of those one poem a day challenges. 12 a month at dVerse is hard enough for me. I love the lightness and levity in this.

  12. Frank Hubeny says:

    Nice sounding phrase, “pooped of
    poppingoutpoems”, and the rhyme on “king” and “sing”.

  13. Charley says:

    A punning title. A cunning quadrille. I won’t turn your head with more praise.

  14. Grace says:

    Too much poppingoutpoems can be tiring ~ Sing it De (and clever title too) ~

  15. rothpoetry says:

    Love the Little Drummer Boy!

  16. What fun, what fun! A great ride, De!

  17. Yay! Christmas time! Drumming and singing is in the air 🙂
    Your poem said it all! Loved it

  18. kim881 says:

    Musical and fun, De, I love the word play and rhyming!

  19. Misky says:

    Absolutely cheery and filled with merriment.

  20. Poppingoutpoems! I love it! Yes, let us sing!

  21. Three thumbs up — I’l have to borrow one from someone, but it’s worth it. 🙂

  22. jazzytower says:

    Yep, bring on the Christmas stuff☺. Sounds like you had quite a november.

  23. Alexander De says:

    You had me at the title (from one De to another). I’m not sure I understand it all, but I like how it ends. November must have been busy but the coming of Christmas is something to sing about. ( I like to sing in the stairway when no one is around. The echo is refined.)

  24. memadtwo says:

    As Ella said, the only thing better than singing is more singing…(K)

  25. merrildsmith says:

    A delight, De.
    Some time to breathe and time to sing. (And cute title, too.)

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