Dragon Fodder

I’m quite certain I shall
be delicious,

all crunchy toasted
marshmallow center.

But first,
you exquisite beasty,
let’s dance.

For I have ever
been more enamored
of your scaly
sway than a thousand

You lead.
I’ll stay.

I give you my (s)word.

A second Quadrille for today’s dVerse prompt. I’m hosting. Come play! 







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20 Responses to Dragon Fodder

  1. Simply delightful starting from that wonderful quote… and that last line made me giggle …

  2. Shawna says:

    Is it weird that this totally turns me on? 🙂 The first two lines really did it for me. 😛

  3. Great title, my little crunchy friend. This prompt is leaving me with more smiles than I can handle in one morning. Afternoon, I guess.

  4. This is so wonderful, I nearly spilled my tea chuckling! :o) xxx

  5. Vivian Zems says:

    Clever ….you may yet outsmart this dragon. I think a spot of break-dancing should give you enough time to honour your (s)word.

  6. Frank Hubeny says:

    Nice offer to dance by a damsel to her dragon.

  7. Charley says:

    Well done… if the dragon is of the fire-breathing variety. Tar tar otherwise. 🙂 I enjoyed reading this immensely!

  8. Grace says:

    This is so clever: you exquisite beasty, and: I give you my (s)word.
    Divine wordsmithing De ~

  9. Janice says:

    Gruesome and hilarious all at once…love it 🙂

  10. rothpoetry says:

    Dancing with the dragon! Sort of like dancing with the Devil!!??

  11. kaykuala h says:

    You lead.I’ll stay.
    I give you my (s)word.

    Yes, one may not give too much trust on people!


  12. kim881 says:

    A silver-tongued way to avoid being toasted by a dragon – marvellous, De! I love the pun at the end!

  13. Misky says:

    So cute! I love this.

  14. Love this! Crunch toasted marshmallow center. She knows what to expect. Love the last line!

  15. jazzytower says:

    This made me smile, more than once.

  16. Deb Whittam says:

    Love this – it is so clever

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