winter soul(stice)

she is a de
{cinder} sister,
a girl with lakey veins
and a slight un
-quiet heart.

she dreams in dandelion
kite fluff, pine trees,
sea-soaked toes,
ancient stars above.

she is
beautifully broken,
exquisitely loved.


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7 Responses to winter soul(stice)

  1. Shawna says:

    This is perfect. Happy birthday, beautiful.

  2. qbit says:

    Lakey veins is fabulous.

  3. Happy Birthday, De! I love your description of you, especially the ending.

  4. erbiage says:

    I love your soles! How’s the desert treating you? It hasn’t been above freezing here all year, linger really! And snowing all day. Peace to you and yours

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