Cold Florida Moon

New Year’s Day, 2018
Venice Beach

It’s not the state we’re used to, this time around – of the union, or of being. The breeze is less than balmy, the palms nearly as frozen as our own. We’ve come back every other year or so for more than ten, and this, by far, is the coldest it’s ever been.

But that fat moon’s full and so’s the sky – of clouds, of promises for another year together, of more laughter and love. And the ocean still beckons with her salt and spray, shark teeth sprinkled throughout the sand for treasure hunting. We bundle up and find the fun and play near the shore and pray for more sun but marvel at that full-figured glowgirl still rising strong against this chilly chalkboard sky.

Pelicans trace stars
hollow wings feathered against
the winter moon’s face.

It’s Haibun Monday over at dVerse. Come play! 




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24 Responses to Cold Florida Moon

  1. This Hai bun is well endowed. I love all the fat full-figured words. Very original. A shark tooth was one of my son’s favorite gifts.

  2. kanzensakura says:

    Lovely. I do love that sky full of promise and the sand full of sharks teeth. It sounds like you all had a great trip in spite of the cold. I enjoyed your trip via FB. You all looked so happy!

  3. Vivian Zems says:

    Ha! Love this…’full-figured glowgirl’…. great imagery 🙂

  4. I’m loving picturing you at Venice Beach in the full moon. Is it still an enclave of creatives, hippies and the like…it’s been a while. That haiku is breathtaking, De.

  5. You didn’t let the cold stop you. A moon full of promises! A full-figured glowgirl! Wow!

  6. Sabio Lantz says:

    Pretty. Funny how the moon stays the same, yet seasons change and people age.

  7. maria says:

    Aww, this haibun is filled with so much hope.

  8. kim881 says:

    Great wordplay in ‘the palms nearly as frozen as our own’, especially for someone who lives in a country where palm trees don’t grow naturally.Your haibun is full of fat promise, De, of salt, spray and shark teeth – and pelicans tracing stars. Wow!

  9. I marvel at the metaphor, the weave of all the elements, animal, human, nature (moon).

  10. I love this… the sense of being in a place where the warmth is absent. My aunt lives a little north of Venice (in Sarasota)… but it’s been a while since we visited last. When they lived on Siesta Key we used to go to Venice sometimes.

  11. Singledust says:

    so loved your haibun and haiku, carefree and full of hope and love. a joyful one and I thank you for writing it so lovingly.

  12. annell4 says:

    “Wings again the face of the winter moon,” conjures up many memories.

  13. I love how much fun you have with words. Alliteration, personification, metaphor — you weave all sorts of figurative language and rhythm and rhyme throughout your pieces, each one a beautiful strand in a complex tapestry. And each offering brings simple delight. Thank you!

  14. I’ve come back just for the joy of connecting with your brilliance and your vision. To see the world through your eyes reads as pure joy!

  15. Frank Hubeny says:

    Nice description of the moon being full of clouds.

  16. Grace says:

    So inviting and full of wonder and beginnings, yet I can feel that chill~ Love your haiku too~

  17. daisy says:

    “marvel at that full-figured glowgirl still rising strong against this chilly chalkboard sky”

    So much gorgeousness here. “Glowgirl” makes me think of those adorable light-up glowworm bedfellows we had growing up. So I’m picturing a pink crescent moon girl … as a Marvel Comics character. And for some reason, the chalkboard is morphing into a Lite Brite screen … with all different colors of star pegs.

    You see it?

  18. Sara McNulty says:

    Love “full-figured glow girl”. This haibun is so vivid and lovely!

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