this poem is not a

lulled leapdance nor bubbled-balloon,
springdrizzle-dawn, cloudspark spawn.
it’s neither curli-cued, open-stormshadowed
nor leaving the creakrockcrunch of shimmer-spill.

still, we hope it pepper-rose-spices your free-bliss dreamsoul,
twist-skips grinmeltshimmer bones. Echo-sounds
the dawn’s bouncekick, leaves green-breezespill,

this poem’s a journey –
………………breath in jars.


A third offering for today’s Q44. This is The One With All The Words. 

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5 Responses to this poem is not a

  1. I was wondering how someone could write something meaningful using 49 words. Well, now I know. Good word-blending and hyphenating. And it does have meaning. Courageous girl.

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    I like the sound of this: “leaves green-breezespill”

  3. Grinmeltshimmer —- your words are magic

  4. susanmehr says:

    Beautiful pictures, I loved this one the most.

  5. belle jars says:

    Ha. Great title. 🙂
    “This Poem Is Naughty”

    “free-bliss dreamsoul” … I want to order that at a bar.

    “grinmeltshimmer bones” … Love that.

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